Birkenhead sunset

Birkenhead sunset

"Amazing" BBC Radio 2

"Soothing the working man" BBC Radio 4

"Outstanding" BBC Merseyside

"Like Shack fronted by Nilsson" Captain Fele


Hailing from the sunny North West Coast of England, Jamie Whelligan is a pop troubadour in the classic late 60s mode, with a penchant for crafted songs; combining sweet melodies with unusual arrangements.

From Birkenhead to SXSW, his band Whelligan have taken their tunes across the world. Currently based in London, this pop troubadour’s collective have expanded to include everything from junk shop synthesisers to viola de gamba!

With songs spinning effortlessly from one thing to another, Whelligan keeps you guessing a peculiarly English vein of quirky, psychedelic guitar pop. Magpie-eyed vocals harmonise over warm and wiry guitars, while minor key stumbles morph into motor rhythms and gorgeous melodies.

After releasing two eclectic albums (Salad Days and Pipes Plus) he added The Dancing Bear EP to his canon; a 4 track EP filled with lush strings and drenched in sun-kissed West Coast harmonies. Skipping along with bar room pianos and cheeky enharmonic shifts, this is refreshingly perfect pop.

Whelligan also performs his songs as a solo artist; most notably and regularly as a Busker on London Underground.

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